‘I’ve recently completed my EQA knowledge qualification through CB Consultancy and Training and can not thank Carl enough for all the support and guidance he has provided. I have not only gained a higher level of knowledge in completing this course but have found it enjoyable and informative. It has helped me to understand in more detail, the role and requirements of the EQA and Awarding organisation, which i have been able to use in my current working role.
I would fully recommend CB Consultancy and Training to anyone that is thinking of doing their EQA knowledge qualification.

Lisa Mason, Lead IQA, Astral Training

‘I have to say the whole process was made easy due to the ongoing support that Carl gave me through my Lead IQA qualification. The guidance that was given did mean that for me it was clear what I needed to do and how I was going to be able to demonstrate this to all parties. It was challenging for me at times due to my staff changes through my qualification. Carl was accommodating in his approach and supported me during this which made life easier. Now that I have achieved this qualification I am in a good place and now have the skills and tools to lead and measure my team through the quality processes created by myself and the others in our LIQA team. I continue now to meet the others on a regular basis to discuss the LIQA processes and updates’.

Thank you for all of your support Carl.

Pete Urry, Lead IQA, 3aaa Apprenticeships

‘The Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement was very well put together. All the content (delivered by ‘live’ webinars) covered everything, and the back up to go with it was second to none. Carl was always there at the end of an email or phone call and was very prompt in getting back to you with the help needed.
What I liked about Carl was his relentlessness regarding standards. He always kept them high and helped in getting you to those same standards with patience and guidance’.

I would highly recommend you use Carl for any courses he provides.

Anthony Lynch, CEO, Edufit

‘The thorough audit completed by CB Consultancy and Training in March 2015 gave the directors and shareholders a detailed external insight to the operational health of the education department. The audit highlighted areas of strengths to which we have added and also those where improvement could take place. I believe the audit has enabled Focus Fitness UK to approach additional primes for funding due to having a clear understanding when compiling SAR and QIP documents, thus reducing business risk and enabling strategic growth’.

Testimonial 2 of 2 January 2016 – Joe Turner, Director of Strategy, Focus Fitness UK Ltd

‘I used CB Consultancy and Training to undertake a detailed quality assurance audit of our current policies and procedures. We had extensive feedback which we have been able to breakdown into areas within the business to improve our quality as a whole and assist us with awarding organisation compliance. I highly recommend this to any training provider wishing to get an additional professional and honest view on the companies practices. I will certainly be using CB Consultancy and Training again in the near future to note our progressions!’

Testimonial 1 of 2 April 2015 – Joe Turner, Director of Strategy, Focus Fitness UK Ltd

‘Carl has been supportive all the way though my EQA qualification and nothing was too much trouble. He has excellent knowledge in this field and in my opinion he should publish a book! I urge anyone who is thinking of taking up a career as an EQA to take this qualification through CB Consultancy and Training, as there is nothing like it on the market. Carl’s experience has been invaluable to my learning journey and I have learnt a lot from him.
A very big thank you to Carl and CB Consultancy and Training – the qualification was worth the wait and believe you me I have been looking a long time for a course of this quality’.

Marianne Chambers, Assessor / IQA, Qualitrain Ltd.

‘I was originally looking to attend a one day intensive EQA course but was struggling to make a suitable time and venue without having to travel great distances and having the expense of an overnight stay. When I found out about the development of the EQA webinar programme with CB Consultancy and Training, I decided to wait for that as an option to complete the first stage of my EQA – and I’m glad I did!

Fully flexible and supported, you can complete this course in your own time and at your own pace. If you can’t make one of the bite sized sessions you can watch the recording at a time to suit your diary, the Social Media group is a great way to interact with other learners and get you thinking about the next sessions content.

The worksheets are well set out and broken down into manageable chunks, the information is fully discussed and detailed during the webinars, detailed handouts and the tutor is knowledgeable and accommodating to support you in completing the course requirements.

Overall an extremely good course that I would recommend to anyone considering starting their training as an EQA’.

Jonathan Pounder, Assessor / IQA, Prior Pursglove College.

The webinar approach over a consecutive 5 week period met my needs on a number of levels.  It was planned to take place via a webinar which meant there was no travelling involved.  Also it was during the evening rather than the day which meant it did not impact on my other work responsibilities.  The assessment activities via a worksheet were split over the first 4 weeks allowing me to focus on each weeks questions on a more timely basis, rather than leaving them until the end.  This was motivational as I could complete them week by week and receive feedback from my assessor each week, allowing me to move onto the next set of questions knowing the others were now completed. 

Carl was professional through the whole programme, setting up a Social Media private members EQA group to enable the participants to interact with each other and to pose questions areas for us to consider prior to the next webinar. The whole experience was an enjoyable one’.

Michelle Taylor, Assessor/IQA, M Taylor Training and Assessment.

‘I did my Assessor qualification (Level 4 Award in Assessing Vocational Achievement) through CB Consultancy and Training. I found the whole experience pleasant. My assessor was very helpful throughout and would always find the time to support me. He also had a clear passion for the subject and I feel I made a good decision to use CB Consultancy and Training’.

Stu Gatherum, Director, T2 Fitness Training & Education Ltd.

‘I have had the pleasure of knowing and having Carl assigned as my External Verifier since 2007. In my 16 years in Education and Training I have yet to meet someone who upholds the standards of quality so rigorously, or so supportively. Carl’s expectation of high standards and meticulous compliance would not work if he did not combine this with a genuine desire to support those willing to persevere and be prepared to continuously improve. The simplest way to describe Carl is “firm, fair and always professional’.

Kieran England, Business Development Manager, Elev8 Training

‘I recently attended a training day delivered by Carl in relation to the Level 4 EQA award. Carl’s experience and knowledge in this field is excellent, he shared much good practice & real examples from his working life. He is very professional and supportive throughout and offers continues guidance after the day’.

Cheryl Denny, Director, NWEAT

‘I attended Carl’s EQA Unit 1 direct delivery course recently. The course was delivered very well; it was interactive, informative and very well structured. Carl delivered the course exceptionally well and related most of the theory to real life application and experiences which helped with the understanding. I would highly recommend CB Consultancy and Training to anyone who is looking to develop a better understanding of the EQA process’.

Richard Jones, Commercial Training Manager, FLM Training

‘I attended Carl’s EQA1 training day recently for the Open Awards Level 4 Award in Understanding the External Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice. The training was very professional and delivered in a relaxed and progressive style. Carl is obviously a very experienced person in IQA, EQA and training delivery. This course is an excellent stepping stone to the full EQA qualification which Carl is also able to deliver. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of taking the next step as an EQA to contact Carl and book onto this qualification’.

Gavin Bridle, Freelance NVQ Assessor

‘I have recently attended a training day delivered by Carl in relation to the Level 4 EQA award. Carl’s experience and knowledge in this vitally important field is excellent, he evidenced real examples from his work to the theory. He is very professional and supportive in his approach to learners and no doubt goes the extra mile when necessary to enable achievement. I would have no hesitation in recommending his EQA course to other aspirant learners’.

Mark J O’Dell, Principal, Richmond Training Associates

‘From the first time I contacted Carl about the EQA training he was very supportive and professional, he kept me informed and up to date with what was required from both sides. I attended his weekend training session, which was well paced and informative. After the training session the support continued throughout the assignment and even still remained in place after completing the course. I would and have recommended Carl to anyone considering either a part time or full time career as an EQA’.

Keith Preston, Assessor, The Manchester College